5 Top Rose Wines for Summer 2016

Todays Guest Blog is via Marion Edwards from Affinity Holidays France. Read her views on the Top Rose Wines in 2016.

The popularity of rose wine continually grows throughout the world and the creation of new, refreshing and innovative flavours makes this area of the wine industry perhaps the most exciting for summer 2016. The variety of tastes, subtlety and accompaniments makes rose wine one of the most versatile tipples available. France is leading the way in producing, creating and marketing some of the finest rose wine that the world has to offer. With exceptional vineyards, ideal climates and an inherent knowledge and passion for production, the French are at the forefront of passion for this continually championed drink.

Below are 5 of the best rose wines to consume this summer.

Chateau Gassier. For wine lovers who are intrigued about the contents of their glass, this highly flavoured, light and invigorating wine makes for an excellent accompaniment to seafood dishes. The Chateau Gassier is a marriage of exquisite flavours, with hints of florals and herbs, making it an interesting yet uncomplicated choice. The soul of the wine is grenache and this welcome taste is unmistakable but complemented by the innovative and light additions. Chateau Grande Cassagne 2015. For those who enjoy a fruity wine, this rose is sure to please. Packed with the flavours of rich summer fruits, this is a drink that oozes summer in its taste, scent and appearance. At 60% grenache and 40% syrah, this is an uncomplicated and reliable rose that works splendidly alone or alongside a host of edible companions, namely chicken, fish and sweets.

Chateau La Noblesse 2015. The Chateau La Noblesse 2015 is an exquisite wine that commands attention and demonstrates the skill of Provincial winemaking with every sip. The intense flavours that are packed into the wine make it a complex yet understated drink. With the tang, refreshment and variety of fruits, this wine can readily be enjoyed with a host of accompaniments.

Mas Carlot Rose Tradition 2015. This inexpensive and dark rose is vibrant, memorable and deep. This is a hearty wine that verges closer to a red than white and is entirely suitable for red meat dishes. Easy to drink, magnificent to compliment a meal and produced with an abundance of flavour, the Mas Carlot Rose Tradition is a wine that is sure to satisfy and impress.

Chateau Saint-Maur L’Excellence 2015 is an excitingly elegant wine that is popular with wide range of appreciative drinkers. The delicious wine is sumptuous, hearty and strong. The tastes of the Mediterranean are unmistakable and the depth of flavours make is bold enough to be an excellent companion to the most flavoursome of dishes. 

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