Chateau Miraval Rosé

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A lovely wine, and with good reason.  The estate goes back to Roman times with well founded terraces and many beneficial aspects.  It's said that St Thomas Aquinas visited for a few days in 1252, and it has been mentioned many times through the years.  More recently, you may remember the pale pink "Pink Floyd Rosé"  named in honour of the band who used to record there.  Since being bought by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a few years ago, it has moved forward even further with the appointment of famous winemaker's Famille Perrin to oversee all aspects of production.  

New vintages of this Rose can sell out very quckly partly because of the association with the owners, but mainly because of its outstanding quality.  The ancient vineyard is situated in an beautiful area known for its organic practices and Chateau Miraval itself has certified organic status albeit the wines are not officially certificated this way.  You can be assured that sound environmental practices are in place. There have been outstanding reviews and very high scores for the wines from the World's media including the Wall Street Journal, and the UK's own, Independent, and Daily Mail among many others. Consistently considered among the World's top ten Rosé wines. Presented in a distinctive, and as befits the wine, elegant, bottle.  The grapes are Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle & Syrah. Very highly recommended indeed by our tasting panel.


Tasting Notes

First impression is a light and lovely, distinctly, "Provencal" red berry , cherry like, aroma with a hint of the garrigue, perhaps nuances of lavender and thyme.  Most impressive is the balance between the fruit and minerality and there is complexity too along with good length and finish.  Freshness abounds and the wine makes a great case for "Terroir", the expression of the soil, the climate and the land - the essence of the wine.  Like most good Rosés it pairs with a variety of food, with light meats, fish and seafood being typical choices.  However, you can be bolder and put it with spicy food or a well served BBQ for a great combination too.  On its own, it only needs good companay and conversation to shine brightly.

France, Provence,  Var, 2016,  750ml, 13% abv

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