Our rosé wine producers

We are delighted to have a range of producers encompassing both very well known names and superb small and medium sized local vineyards. They have all been individually selected as being passionate about their wine and for having an absolute dedication to quality. As an independent business Rose-wine.com are able to select wines without compromise. Often we visit the vineyards before finally deciding on the wine. It is a pleasure to meet and work with suppliers who are equally committed to the very highest standards.

Our Producers


Domaines Ott*

Founded by Marcel Ott and passed to successive generations, Ott now have three Domaines in Provence known worldwide for their famous and renowned wines.  The distinctive Ott bottle was introduced around 80 years ago making the wines instantly recognisable.  When available, we offer Rosés, Reds and Whites, from both the beautiful coastal Clos Mireille and Chateau Romassan in Bandol.  There is very high demand for these wines and limited allocation, so early ordering is advised.  

Chateau D’Esclans

This Chateau is owned by Sacha Lichine, a very well known figure in wine and is located near La Motte en Provence.  His stated objective is “To make the best Rosé wine in the world!” The ideal sloping terrain is planted with a rich heritage of well tended old vines together with more recent additions.  The winery, adjacent to the historical Chateau, reflects very substantial investment in modern techniques to achieve the very best from the harvest.  Add to this, the input of revered Bordeaux oenologist Patrick Léon and it is a winning combination. The result is a marvellous range of Rosés.



Chateau Routas

Another famous owner, this time Sir David Murray.  We offer their “Wild Boar” Rosé which is not too expensive, yet very, very, good.  This is a sizeable estate with a layout rich in opportunities to capture perfect growing conditions for a wide selection of grape varieties.  From this special terroir experienced winemaker, Jean Louis Bavay can, in his words, “Coax the best wine the earth wants to give me”.  The Wild Boar Rosé is certainly testament to that!


Domaine de la Roque

This is a super vineyard 10 km from the fabulous Cité of Carcassone in the currently very buzzy Languedoc. 

The surrounding area is a patchwork of carefully tended vineyards. Situated between Corbières and Minervois Domaine de La Roque is a family Domaine and independent producer.  The very well made, moderately full bodied, Rosé wine is classified as Vin de Pays d’Oc and in our opinion represents this area very well and is terrific value for money.

Should you be in the area, the vineyard runs a super wine bar right beside the Canal du Midi at Trebes.  It's a lovely setting to try the wines!  The wine bar is called Les Vignes de Bacchus.

http://www.domainedelaroque.com/                    http://www.lesvignesdebacchus.com 

Domaine de La Rouillère

This is an exceptionally well located vineyard just down the hill from Ramatuelle on the St Tropez Peninsula.  The winery is amongst the most modern in France having been completely renewed to a tremendous design last year.  The wine was good from their previous winery and was strongly featured and popular on our previous website, but the results achieved by their new winery are absolutely superb.  Simply magical and very exclusive wines from a beautiful place!


Les Maitres Vignerons de La Presqu’ile de St Tropez

This group was formed by growers in the area in 1964 and now produces a lovely selection of wines.  Their well presented, tall and distinctive bottle and famous labels are instantly recognisable as seen on some of the best tables (and boats!) of the South of France.  The St Tropez peninsula truly benefits from a legendary good climate characterised by strong maritime influences. There seems to be an evocation of sunshine in every glass!  We have selected their Carte Noire Rosé as a splendid example.


E & J Gallo Family Vineyards

Gallo probably need no introduction being the largest exporter of Californian wine. Sixteen family members spanning three generations actively work at the winery. All of their coastal vineyards are part of the “50/50 Give Back” plan where for every acre planted, one acre is set aside to help and protect wildlife habitat. They were one of the first winery’s in the U.S. to be ISO 14001 accredited for taking steps to reduce impact on the environment. They remain a family business committed to making quality wine for the world to enjoy.


Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Mouton Cadet

Since 1930, Mouton Cadet has been renowned for its exacting standards and its audacity. The wines reflect the encounter between an exceptional terroir and the passion of Baron Philippe de Rothschild (1902-1988). Over the years Mouton Cadet has consistently combined quality, prestige and know-how in expressive, seductive wines. Mouton Cadet has become a worldwide reference for Bordeaux Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée wines. We are pleased to offer their excellent Rosé.


Beringer Vineyards

Established in 1876, Beringer holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating vineyard in the Napa Valley. Experience, passion, and a perfect blend of modern technology and age old traditions all combine to provide truly memorable wines. Hand chiselled rock tunnels are still used to store and age the wines in a stable natural environment. A historic property, the vineyard is very popular for wine tours and tastings. Well worth visiting when in California.


Barefoot Cellars

Having its origins as one of the original trend setting “garage wines” of the 1960’s Californian revival, Barefoot has developed into a sizeable, but principled operation. Involved in environmental improvements, they also have an enthusiastic band of followers, the “Barefooters”. The wines are remarkably good and have won an astonishing array of awards. These are real Californian wines which are extremely popular both locally and worldwide. Take a look at the Barefoot website using the link below. Barefoot is a sponsor of Beach Volleyball, which is also pretty cool!


Chateau Léoube

Chateau Léoube is a truly perfectly restored vineyard of nearly 75 hectares. A major program of improvement has created an ideal vineyard in a perfect setting. A fabulous modern winery using temperature controlled stainless steel tanks allows the vinification of truly outstanding wines. The vineyard is impeccably maintained and run by winemaker Romain Ott.  Located on the coast near Bormes-Les-Mimosas it is favoured with a perfect climate with the added benefit of maritime influences.  Superb olive oils are also produced.